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Lifetime Management(TM)


1. General
Order Tracking enables our customers to check the status of their orders online. The system includes orders beginning from 2000-01-01.

2. Order status
Every product goes through eleven recorded steps. The Order Tracking helps you to obtain the real-time status of the orders. The steps are: Order received, waiting for assembly, assembly, burn-in, program installation, waiting for delivery, delivered, in maintenance, serviced (waiting for delivery), moving to the buffer, in the buffer.

3. User-ID and password
You need to be a registered user to access the Order Tracking pages. The registering is done automatically at the time of placing your order.

You should have received your credentials when placing the order. If not, please contact your salesperson at Control Express Finland.

You can try the Order Tracking by using the following credentials: User-ID: demo, password: demo (case sensitive).